Lekcja 16: Time to celebrate

Anniversaries are good moments to look back in time at ones achievements and successes. For companies it’s a time of recognizing their accomplishments and promoting their business, not to mention improving employee morale.
Your anniversaries can be a part of a track record of your experience and know-how. How often a company organizes a celebration depends entirely on the business. There are no rules, only those imposed by common sense and good taste. The typical milestones for corporate celebrations are the 25th, then the 50th, 75th and eventually the 100th, the so called centennial anniversary.
In today’s corporate world an anniversary can mean more than extra bonuses for the staff and a fancy dinner. For example, Land Rover marked its 60th anniversary by donating 60 vehicles, worth about one million pounds, to the Red Cross and the Red Crescent. This type of celebration is far from the typical grand dinner. The celebrated events are being tied to what the company is doing at the moment, rather than what the company did in the past. It reflects how the company wants to be perceived by its employees and customers. Intel, to mark its anniversary, decided to donate one million hours of volunteer work from its employees in areas such as humanitarian and environmental aid.
Businesses are modernizing and going global. The aims of the celebrations are focused more on the staff, which reflects a multicultural working environment. Additionally, it’s not important to wait 5, 10, or 15 years to celebrate an anniversary. With the economy in a downturn, if a start-up company has survived on the market for two years then that’s an anniversary worth celebrating.
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[ramka]Practice makes perfect
Complete the gaps with words from the textLast year we stayed in a …………….hotel. I think it was a 5-star-hotel.
Our company ……………. clothes and toys to orphans from Warsaw.
This candidate has got a fairly good ………………… of working in banks. I think we can short-list him for the interview.
Getting the two opposing parties to sit at the round table was Tom’s greatest …………………… .
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milestones – important achievements in the development or history of something or in someone's life (kamień milowy)
recognizing – if something is recognized it is generally accepted that they have a particular position or quality (uznawać)
accomplishments – things that are successful, or that are achieved after a lot of work or effort (osiągnięcia)
track record – all the achievements or failures that someone or something has had in the past (osiagniecia, historia)
fancy – grand and expensive (drogie)
donate – to give money or goods to help a person or organization (przekazywć, ofiarowywać)
a start-up – a business that has just been started (nowo powstała firma) [/ramka]
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