Lekcja 31: The pros and cons of E-learning

According to Wikipedia the worldwide e-learning industry is estimated to be worth over 38 billion euros. In the US nearly 3.5 million students were participating in on-line learning at institutions of higher education by the year 2006. Education at the touch of a button has revolutionized teaching.
Today's wireless technology allows educators and development specialists to reach the most remote places in all corners of the globe. With radio, satellite, and Wi-Fi signals beaming two-way information between distant locations, people can participate in an almost endless array of learning opportunities.
Being a teacher myself I am also fascinated by the benefits that distance learning has to offer. My students take full advantage of all online technologies and are quite literate in the field. I, on the other hand, am a little skeptical of those e-learning benefits, as I believe they cut both ways.
cut both ways –to have two different effects at the same time, usually one good and one bad (dwie strony medalu)
wireless –a very generic term that refers to numerous forms of transmission that do not use metal wires or optical fibers (bezprzewodowy)
remote – describes an area, house or village that is a long distance from any towns or cities(najdalszy)
beaming – to send out a beam of light, or an electrical or radio signal (wysy_a_, emitowa_)
array – an arrangement of things or people, often impressively large or numerous (zestaw)
constrained – forced to act or behave in a particular way, or remain in a particular area (ograniczony)
diverse – widely varied or quite different (ró_norodne)facilitate to make possible or easier (ułatwiać)
Complete the gaps with words from the text
1. They were tired of city life, so they decided to look for a ………………place away from the urban jungle.
2. The supermarket offers an ………………….of goods.
3. Your great ideas are, however ……………………..by the lack of money.
4. To ……………….learning our classes are equipped with 10 computers.
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