In 2017, our Polish media referred to Rzeczpospolita 6,410 times – the IMM’s report shows – edging two largest radio broadcasters in the country: Radio Zet (5,570 quotes) and RMF FM (5,430 quotes).

Taking into account the number of referrals, Rzeczpospolita was an opinion leader, outdistancing Gazeta Wyborcza (4,430) and Dziennik Gazeta Prawna (3,720) dailies. In terms of TV broadcasters, TVN 24 (3,840) was the most often quoted one last year, while, with 2,360 referrals, was the most popular opinion-making news website. 

The high citation of the press as well as the fact that the traditionally printed title – Rzeczpospolita-  heads the IMM’s ranking, show that other outlets and, subsequently, their audience, have the greatest confidence in the news released by newspapers.  

„Nothing is able to replace the competence and professionalism of true-born journalists who still create the core of the traditional editorial teams,” says Bogusław Chrabota, editor-in-chief at Rzeczpospolita. Traditional, but – as our journalists prove – easily applying all possibilities of the Internet. 

The Most Opinion-Making News Outlet in 2017” would not be possible without the people. „I want to thank the whole Rzeczpospolita’s editorial and publishing team,” says Chrabota. „For their hard work, commitment and loyalty. You all know the effort behind such achievements.” And the publisher distinguished the journalists who contributed the most to the success. Below, there is the list, with short justifications given by their department heads:  


(from left to right) Katarzyna Kucharczyk, Danuta Walewska, Zuzanna Dąbrowska, Przemysław Wojtasik, Marek Domagalski, Michał Kolanko, Grzegorz Siemionczyk i (from the top) Mateusz Rzemek. When the picture was taken Jerzy Haszczyński was in Tel-Avive working on a new story. 


Zuzanna Dąbrowska: „Every day tens thousands of people read her analyses. And comment on social media.” 

Jerzy Haszczyński: „He is one of the leading journalists in Poland covering international affairs. And an example for his colleagues.” 

Michał Kolanko: „The Polish political scene has no secrets to him.”


Katarzyna Kucharczyk: „Both Rzeczpospolita and Parkiet’s readers benefit from her talents. Not to mention their Internet issues.”

Danuta Walewska: „Reliability and interest in the business word. For her, being a journalist is a never-ending source of joy.” 

Grzegorz Siemonczyk: „Specialist in talking to ‘the big fish’, for instance, the winner of  Nobel Prize in Economy. Analytical mind, but feels at easy with editorials.”


Przemysław Wojtasik: „The best journalist among tax advisors and the best tax advisor among journalists. The author of the higher amount of leading stories in the legal section as well as … a marathon runner.”

Mateusz Rzemek: „Specializes in the labor law and social insurance. Not only writes but also makes successful appearances in Rzeczpospolita TV.” 

Marek Domagalski: „The author of one of the most important legal stories of last year. His specialty – the Constitutional Court.”

Says Bogusław Chrabota, the editor-in-chief at Rzeczpospolita: „The most important thanks go to you, our readers. You strongly believe that in your daily pursuit for the understanding of the world Rzeczpospolita is important and reliable; that is able to stand against non-sense categories of fake news and post-truth. You need us the same way we need you. And if you are still going to be with us, we will give you even more.”