Lekcja 5: Recruitment strategies

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Employees are hard to come by these days, especially if the job market is tight. It’s no longer possible to just post a wanted sign and wait for people to line up at your door. Employers have to think outside the box and come up with creative ways of hiring new staff. In the competitive recruitment environment hiring can occur in the most unexpected places. Nowadays employers recruit constantly, even of they don’t have an opening. They keep a shortlist of potential candidates just in case. What’s more, managers started thinking beyond the traditional group of employees they had always hired. Their shortlists can be filled with names of former employees, students, older workers, people who only want to work part-time or telecommute. One interesting way of hiring people is turning your employees into headhunters. High-quality performers are asked to refer people they know who could make good job candidates. Word-of-mouth referrals are a goldmine for employers. Managers believe that this is a reliable and trustworthy source of finding top-notch candidates. They believe in it so much that they are willing to offer cash bonuses to any employee within the firm that successfully recruits someone to work for the company as long as they stay more than three months. From the employer’s point of view allowing staff to assist in recruiting people builds a sense of empowerment. People who participate in the selection process are committed to helping the new employee succeed. Building an effective team is no doubt a challenge and a daunting job for any business. Any tactic is good as long as the manager finds an efficient and loyal employee.
top-notch - excellent
Synonyms of „top-notch”:first-rate; in a class all by itself; tiptop Examples:1. That was a top-notch performance.2. Congratulations! The dinner was first-rate3. Her singing was nothing like I have ever heard. Definitely in a class all by itself.4. Well done! This presentation is tiptop. Glossary: to come by – to get something, especially something unusual to; think outside the box – to think creatively; an opening – a job or opportunity to do something; a shortlist – a list of people who have been judged for a job, made from a longer list and from which one person will be chosen; referrals – to direct someone to a place for information; a goldmine – a place which provides a source of wealth or information; empowerment – the authority or freedom to do something; daunting –making you feel slightly frightened, worried or underqualified Complete the gaps with words from the text1. So how did you manage to ……………….. this car? It must have been really difficult to find this model.2. There is an …………………. for a native teacher in our school.3. The doctor gave him a ……………… to a specialist. 4. I didn’t find the task …………………. at all. I needn’t have worried about it. —odpowiedzi na
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