Lekcja 2: Make the right choice

September welcomed us with warm summer days, yet the time has come to get back to our everyday routines and make new resolutions. Some people decide to take up new sports, others decide to learn languages.
Whether we are choosing a fitness centre or a language school we want to make the right choice and spend our money well. With my experience I’m afraid I won’t be able to help you choose the right sports centre, but I can help you decide where to learn a foreign language.
When choosing a language school the criteria we take into consideration can be long and mind-boggling. That is why I’ve decided to look at only a few aspects, but in my opinion very important ones. Certificates- In my opinion there are two certificates which are a must for any language school. They are PASE and EAQUALS. The first is the Polish Association for Standards in Language Education, the second is an international certificate known as the European Association for Quality Language Services. Possessing both certificates distinguishes a school and sets a benchmark for others.
How long the school has been on the market? – The question is important if we think about standards and reputation. The latter can be evaluated through word-of-mouth advertising. For example, Archibald has been on the market for 15 years and has gained its reputation through its high standards in teaching and positive feedback from students. Types of courses – Apart from regular courses, it is worth asking about specialized courses. Why? For one, if a school has such courses in its offerings it means it follows trends on the market; it develops and tries to meet public demand. With growing language competence it is not enough just to communicate, people would like to be language experts in their field of work. Number of teachers and qualifications – I would put more stress on qualifications. I would want to be certain that I’m taught by a highly qualified teacher, who can motivate me through his/her enthusiasm and passion. Number of methodologists – The last criteria is somewhat downplayed. Methodologists are hidden from view and stay in the background, but without their support and creativity teaching standards would not be maintained and teachers would not be able to develop professionally. The methodologist’s role in the development of the school is fundamental and I would go even further to say that a school cannot exist without them. [link=http://d52.rp.pl/audio/vol3/lekcja2.mp3]Wersja audio[/link] [b]Complete the gaps with words from the text[/b] They are twins. How can you ……………….one from the other? Our company set a ………………for others in the field of computing. When I arrived in England I …………….many jobs, but none gave me any satisfaction. The government is trying to ……………….the crisis in the Polish shipyards. Odpowiedzi na www.archibald.pl [ramka][srodtytul]Vocabulary[/srodtytul] [b]Word-of-the-week[/b] mind-boggling - extremely surprising and difficult to understand or imagine (niewyobrażalny) [b]Glossary:[/b] resolutions – a promise that you make to yourself to start doing something good or stop doing something bad (postanowienia) take up – to start doing a particular activity or job (rozpocząć, podejmować) distinguishes – to make one person or thing seem different from another (odróżniać) benchmark – a level of quality which can be used as a standard when comparing things (punkt odniesienia, wzorzec) downplayed – to make something seem less important or less bad than it really is (bagatelizować, pomniejszać)[/ramka]
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