Lekcja 20: Scholarships & Grants

Today’s lesson will start with a short quiz. Below are two definitions of words that are connected with money. Can you try to guess them?
- an amount of money given by a school, college, university or other organization to pay for the studies of a person
- a sum of money awarded to finance a particular activity or facility
The first definition refers to the word „scholarship”, while the second to the word „grant”. Both words are types of awards given by organizations to help pursue one’s education or career. The money is awarded based on a range of criteria which reflect the values and purposes of the donor.
There are different types of scholarships. The most common are:
- merit-based – for students who have exceptionally high grades
- athletic – for students who perform well in sports
- need-based – for students who couldn’t otherwise afford tuition and living costs
- ethnicity-based – for students of a particular ethnic group
- institutional – given by particular universities to students who plan to study in those institutions
Famous entrepreneurs or well established companies have special scholarships that they hand out every year to top-notch scholars. They include:
- The Fulbright program
- The Gates Scholarship
- Goldman Sachs Global leaders
- World bank scholarship
Is it worthwhile applying for a scholarship? With so many scholarships to choose from one would be foolish not to do so. The requirements might be off-putting and the red tape overwhelming, but all in all the financial opportunities are available and within reach.
merit – the quality of being good and deserving praise (wartość, zaleta, zasługa)
pursue – to follow or try to discover something (prowadzić, kontynuować)
donor – a person who gives money or things to an organization (ofiarodawca)
entrepreneurs – someone who starts their own business, especially when this involves risks (przedsiębiorca)
hand out – give out, dispense (rozdawać)
top-notch – excellent, high quality (wyśmienity, pierwszorzędny)
foolish – unwise, ridiculous or lacking in judgment (niemądry)
off-putting – slightly unpleasant or worrying so that you are discouraged from getting involved in any way (odpychający)
red tape – official rules and processes that seem unnecessary and delay results (biurokracja)
overwhelming – very great or very large (przygniatający, przytłaczający)
Complete the gaps with words from the text
1. The young kids were …………… flyers on the street to passers-by.
2. His behavior was …………… . We didn’t want to see him again.
3. An …………….. majority voted for the left-wing candidate.
4. Thanks to an anonymous ……………. we managed to collect enough money to finish building the school.
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