Malwina: Rafał thanks for finding the time to talk to me and give me a detailed insight into your MBA studies. My first question is, why did you decide to enroll?

Rafał: I might sound naive but I knew that the studies would give me the possibility of a promotion in my company, a higher salary, and international job offers. The MBA is like a passport to a further career. To give you an example, companies like Citibank, IBM, Polish Telecommunications SA or Deloitte & Touche are just a few companies that employ graduates. I believe that an MBA diploma combined with some business experience is a very strong point in a CV.

Malwina: You are already a successful working professional. You have studied for 5 years. Is the knowledge you possess insufficient for your employer?

Rafał: MBA studies broaden your knowledge. There is less emphasis on theory and more on authentic business case studies. The tasks you encounter require resourcefulness and quick thinking in time-pressure conditions. And that’s what employers are looking for in an employee, creative thinking, problem solving abilities and team working skills. Malwina: I understand that these studies are in English. How is that helpful for your development?

Rafał: Wouldn’t you say my English has improved?

Malwina: I must admit that.

Rafał: An MBA is hard work. It requires lots of sacrifices and plenty of determination. But I had the opportunity to share experience and learn different approaches to problem solving. My lecturers represented various managerial cultures, which helped me look on the world of business from various perspectives. Yet, despite the hard work I’m fully confident the effort was worthwhile.

Malwina: Well, then Rafał, good luck with your career.

straight from the horse’s mouth – to get information from a person who is involved and knows a lot about it

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substantial- large in size, importance, value

insight – to have a clear, deep understanding of a problem

insufficient – not enough

broaden – increase the range of something

encounter - meet

resourcefulness – the ability to make decisions and act on your own

sacrifices – to give something that is valuable to you

Complete the gaps with words from the text

1. The workshop gave me a better ………………into the problem of unemployment.

2. We couldn’t finish modernizing the house as we had an …………………….amount of money.

3. My visit to the States will…………………my horizons

4. Many women ………………….their career for family, and vice versa.

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