Rafał Tomański: What do you expect most from the Xi Jinping's visit to Poland?

Jarosław Gowin: My goal is to intensify cooperation between Polish and Chinese universities in terms of students exchange. Currently there are about a thousand young Chinese studying in Poland, we would like to see that number radically go up. An important issue is as well signing an agreement on bilateral nostrification of high school diplomas as fast as possible.

Chinais intensifying funds for research and development. I see a lot of potential in this area. We finalize works on a letter of intent between the Ministry of Science and Higher Education and the Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology. I will discuss the matter personally with my Chinese counterpart during his visit in October.

What is the effect of President Andrzej Duda's visit in terms of Polish – Chinese relations?

As an effect we get a higher interest in Poland among Chinese universities and entrepreneurs. The presidential visit was received very well in China. And it seems that it weighed on the further treatment Poland by China as one of the strategic partners in Europe, and for sure as the most important one in Central-Eastern Europe.

I would like to stress the importance of the OBOR initiative. Poland is the first EU country on its path, and the main pillars of the plan are modernization in various areas: infrastructure, road connections, railways - it will definitely give a chance for Polish companies and scientist specialising in those fields.

So the New Silk Road may enhance opportunities for Polish science?

For sure together with intensification of economic cooperation the same boost we will see in scientific relations. Until now the main goods exported from Poland to China was food. We would like to interest our Chinese partners in our new technologies and for example in the field of extractive industry. In that sector, as well in biotechnology or chemistry, Polish scientists have a lot to offer.

Science and research


- Cooperation on bilateral nostrification of certificates and coherence of products, 1995;

- On science and technology between ministries of science of both countries, 1995;

- On technology cooperation between ministries of agriculture, 2004;

- On higher education between ministries of science and higher education, 2011.

- Among top priority areas of scientific cooperation are: biotechnology, biochemistry, genetic engineering, ICT, medical and pharmaceutical engineering, agricultural technologies, clean energy and nanotechnology.


- Polish – Chinese centres of science and technology in agriculture;

- Chinese – Polish Committee of Cooperation in Science and Technology held every second year – last, 35th session was in Beijing, November 2012;

- Bilateral agreements between institutions from Polish and Chinese side.


- 2011 – Polish – Chinese Forum of University Chancellors with more than 100 participants from high schools in both countries;

- Cooperarion between Łódź University and Zhengzou University – establishing international high school projected;

- Cooperation between Patent Office and Intellectual Property Office on security of patents and their legal issues; - Polish Academy of Science works on opening facility in Beijing;

- During the 35th session of Polish Committee of Cooperation in Science and Technology list of 38 bilateral projects was created; - Preparation of a road show, seminars and exhibition in Beijing on Polish works on new technologies and R&D;

- Combined space project with Polish scientific satelite Heweliusz launched in 2014 on board Chinese rocket Chang Zheng 4B, further cooperation between Polish Academy of Science and Chinese Space Agency;

- Participation in seminars on innovation and technology cooperation in terms of knowledge transfer using the Co-Way facility in Shanghai.