Ernst & Young ‘s mission statement is “quality is everything we do”. That quality is not only seen in the service provided but also in the skills and know-how of its employees. The company puts a very strong emphasis on continuous development of its staff, as it constantly looks for innovative solutions for its clients. Professional and skilled workers are very difficult to come by these days, which is why fourteen years ago Ernst & Young opened the Academy of Business. The Academy is present in cities like Moscow, St.Petersburg and Kyiv. Now the Academy will be present in Warsaw at the Warsaw School of Economics. The programme offered by the Academy of Business at the Warsaw School of Economics is a post-graduate course conducted both by the school’s academics and professional trainers from Ernst & Young. The programme focuses mainly on finance. It is a case-study based syllabus giving hands-on experience of working with financial issues. Candidates who wish to participate in the course need to have a good command of English as the lectures and workshops will be held in English. The candidate should also hold a Master’s degree in any faculty and have at least one year of practical experience in middle management level. The fee for the course is a mere 9000 Euro, payable in two installments. Participating in such a course has many advantages. Firstly, it is a way into the world of Ernst & Young. The company no doubt trains its potential members of staff. Secondly, it is a way of gaining the ACCA qualification, which is an international passport to business. The acquired skills are manifold, in finance, accounting, organizational management and strategy. Equipped with such know-how one can successfully manage a business in an international context.

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gaining – to obtain something that is useful, that gives you an advantage (osiągać, zdobywać)

Expressions with ‘gain’:

ill-gotten gains – something obtained in a dishonest way (nieuczciwe zyski)to gain weight – to put on weight (przybrać na wadze)gain the upper hand – take the lead, get an advantage (wygrywać)


1. What do you hope to gain after you pass this course?

2. I have to watch what I eat not to gain any more weight.


Jak cyfrowa rewolucja wpływa na biznes i życie codzienne


3. I gained the upper hand when I managed to hand in the project before the deadline.

4. The bank robbers split their ill-gotten gains evenly.


know-how – practical knowledge and ability (wiedza)innovative – using new methods and ideas (innowacyjny, nowatorski) hands-on – practical experience (praktyczny)fee – the amount of money paid for work or service (opłata)mere – used to emphasise that something is not large or important (ledwo, zaledwie)installments – multiple small payments instead of one large one (raty)participating – to take part in something (udział)manifold – many and of several different types (wielorakie, rozmaite)

Complete the gaps with words from the text

1. Employers prefer their staff to have more …………….. experience than theoretical knowledge.2. I paid a very high ………………… for legal advice.3. I had to pay for the course in six …………………4. Will you ……………….. in the driving course that starts next week?

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