Challenges associated with energy security constitute one of the constant themes discussed both during this year's Economic Forum in Karpacz and its past editions. In a debate on this topic, with the participation of the President of PGNiG Paweł Majewski, among others, the participants attempted to establish further possibilities and opportunities for diversification of gas supply, on the one hand, while discussing the impact of the termination of the Yamal contract on the country's energy security after 2022 on the other. The President of PGNiG also spoke about LNG supplies, mainly from the USA. According to him, the global volume (after regasification) of those supplies will amount to approx. 12 billion cubic meters.

"The gas market is a liquid market. We will be reviewing logistic options and prices on an ongoing basis. Of course, in the first place, we will secure the Polish gas market and sell surpluses internationally. We can trade anywhere," emphasised Majewski.

The issue of importing gas from Germany also came up in the discussion. "Of course it is possible. You have to remember that it would be Russian gas, although imported from Germany. It wouldn't be under the contract with Gazprom," said the President of PGNiG. "I assure you that after the termination of the Yamal contract, the supply of gas to the Polish market will be stable and continuous," stressed Majewski.

In the coming years, diversification of gas supply will also be possible thanks to the development of infrastructure and, for example, the construction of a second gas terminal. "We have agreed in principle. While analysing various technologies, we came to the conclusion that the onboard regasification process is already sufficiently tested and cost-effective to be applied in the Gulf of Gdańsk. We need to discuss the conditions of this service with the market," claimed Tomasz Stępień, President of GAZ-SYSTEM.

"At the moment, we are consulting the entire documentation related to the procedure conducted in order to conclude contracts and on that basis make a final decision concerning the size and dimensions of the unit. Its capacity will result from the number of possible port calls of ships containing LNG. Our demand forecasts for natural gas, which in fact relate to the distribution service, indicate significant increases. This mainly results from the emergence of new sectors in Poland concerning natural gas," Stępień described the new investment project and its prospects.

The experts also spoke about safety in the oil sector. Here, the most important are issues related to the Orlen-Lotos merger and infrastructure development.

"We are building for the market. It's not about cutting ribbons, it's about building something that will be needed and helpful during the transformation, in the transitional period," said Mateusz Radecki, Vice-President of PERN, about the expansion of the infrastructure.

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