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Frédéric Faroche: Energy crisis does not change Veolia’s goal

Our final goal will remain the same. We will target to exit coal by 2030 and achieve neutrality. This crisis creates an impulse to be faster, said Frédéric Faroche, President and General Director of Veolia Group Polska.

François Colombié: The partnership between Poland and France is strengthening

Our investors understand that Poland is a developed market and they know they have to adapt to the needs of the market to succeed, said François Colombié, Vice President of the French-Polish Chamber of Commerce.

At IKEA, we create a business that is responsible for people and the planet

At IKEA, we know that fighting climate change is our responsibility, and our customers and employees expect concrete actions from us. We are aware of the impact we have on the environment locally, nationally, and globally.

The role of business in the sustainable development of Poland

The shift towards a responsible and climate-friendly society is not only a challenge, but also a necessity. Growing population also means increased demand for food, housing, mobility, or energy.

We need innovators to face the challenges

Innovation in science and technology plays a key role in finding solutions to today’s toughest challenges. However, without qualified professionals from diverse backgrounds, we will not develop cutting-edge scientific theories; it will be difficult to develop breakthrough solutions and identify their applications, and consequently we will not quickly find solutions to current and future challenges.

The role of business in the social development of Poland

The pandemic and war have significantly changed the business environment. Unexpectedly, they have become an important accelerator of change and technology development to combat the energy crisis.

Reinier Schlatmann: If you design a packaging in a smart way, you remove tonnes of waste

A lot of waste is being produced. By doing better packaging designs and working together, we can change this trend, said Reinier Schlatmann, Managing Director for Eastern Europe Region at DS Smith.

What distinguishes the Polish health care system?

Recently, the reality of the health care system has hit us hard. For the system, crises, such as the war in which our region becomes a frontline, or the pandemic, are a challenge. How can the Polish health care system be strengthened?

Global companies – local benefits

Poland still needs an influx of new technologies and foreign investors can help us with this. What is more, volatile surroundings can help us find new competitive advantages.

Ireneusz Merchel: We are modernising the main freight railway routes

The aim is to achieve a commercial speed of over 40 km/h, says Ireneusz Merchel, President of PKP Polskie Linie Kolejowe [Polish Railways].