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A closer look at the Poles' dietary habits

According to experts, it is crucial for our health that we pay attention to what we eat every day.

Democratisation of financial markets

Investors have increasingly easier access to the classes of assets that have generated the highest rates of return in recent years.

We place great emphasis on research in Poland

"In terms of clinical trials, Poland is one of the most important countries for MSD", said Dimitri Gitas, Managing Director of MSD Poland.

We work on the commercialisation of R&D projects

"We are not waiting, but rather – also owing to our research and development projects – consciously trying to become part of the European Green Deal," said Grzegorz Kądzielawski, Vice-President of Grupa Azoty.

The insurance market is maturing

Though policy sales in Poland are increasing, the country still lags behind the rest of Europe in this regard. However, awareness of the need for insurance is growing, especially in the health segment.

Sustainable development matters also in fashion and design

Although the care for the natural environment is treated superficially by some companies, for other ecology has an increasing impact on business, including the fashion market.

What comes after the Yamal contract?

New investments and sources of supply will determine the prospects and conditions of Poland's energy security in the coming years.

Pandemic: conclusions and tasks

The time of fighting Covid-19 was a tough test for healthcare facilities. There is still a lot of work to be done.

Senior citizens begin to engage in mobile banking

Digitalisation in banking services, especially those aimed at individual customers, will continue to progress rapidly. People who have previously been avoiding banks are also beginning to use those services.

Oncology should focus on the quality of treatment

Effective cancer treatment is now one of the biggest challenges. Measures that should increase this effectiveness were also discussed in Karpacz.