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Ponichtera: Innovation in data centres for sustainable development

“The solutions that will result in improved energy efficiency of the building itself must already be planned at the design stage”, says Adam Ponichtera, director of the Polish branch of Data4.

Poszytek: Top industry talents compete for medals in Gdańsk

There is so much talk about talent scouting. And it’s happening here, at the EuroSkills competition in Gdańsk. Six hundred of the most talented people from all over Europe have come”, says Dr hab. Paweł Poszytek, Director General of the Foundation for the Development of the Education System, Director of the National Agency of the Erasmus+ Programme and of the European Solidarity Corps.

The world after the black swan

Digitalisation, the scope of state intervention, politics and the medical industry. The pandemic has changed all spheres of public life around the world.

How to avoid the trap of algorithms?

New regulations for the digital services market will help a little in the fight against disinformation and harmful content on the Internet.

It is worth taking a look at farther markets

This year’s decline in export dynamics may be a reason for a wider expansion of domestic companies into markets outside Europe, which are very receptive and have a higher growth rate than the EU.

Health has a positive impact on a country’s wealth and GDP

“High-quality treatment is important for the economic health of countries”, emphasised the participants in the events held during the 13th Polish-Swiss Forum for Health Dialogue.

Reason and wise law

Skilful use of technology and legal solutions should strengthen the security of digitalisation.

Bonisławski: Poles are returning from emigration. It’s a trend

“We care for the 60-million Polish family”, says Dariusz Bonisławski, president of Wspólnota Polska.

Crises force change

Crises, quite as much as times of prosperity, change the way business is done.

Prevention is better than cure

Proceeds from taxes on stimulants should go more towards prevention and the promotion of healthy lifestyles. This would help to reduce the epidemic of diseases of civilisation.