Climate Battle



Life is an art of making choices

The world is facing a powerful challenge of halting the negative environmental impacts of industrialisation of ever-increasing areas of the globe.

Poland is looking for a way towards a closed-loop economy

This, what is treated as waste today, must be reused tomorrow.

Mineral anthropogenic resources in circular economy

The symbiosis of mining, energy and infrastructure is of crucial importance.

Waste management: time for radical change

The new waste management system should include extended producer responsibility.

Comprehensive actions are needed

Waste management alone is not everything. Education and innovativeness are equally important.

Circular economy needs a dialogue

Effective development of new ways of proceeding requires the participation of companies, as well as the legislator and the world of science.

Billions to combat smog. So far we have been paying with our health

There is considerable interest in the subsidies for replacing the heating system and insulating houses. 12.5 thousand applications have already been submitted.

Energy efficiency fuels the Polish economy

The industry was the first to notice the potential of saving energy. But it is also an opportunity for farms and small businesses.

From industry straight to radiators

Heat generated from production can be used for heating houses.

Everything starts with a project

Creating circular economy requires cooperation between business, administration and the society.